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Wer will sex 2014 Lokale Schlacken musselburgh

Wer will sex 2014 Lokale Schlacken musselburgh

The learning assistant then pulled down the boy's trousers and pants and began performing sex acts. The advocate depute said: "The victim was terrified and was too scared to pull away." After it the boy made an excuse to leave the room to go to.
A judge told Bradshaw at the High Court in Edinburgh: "You have pled guilty to an extremely serious offence in which you engaged in sexual activity with a vulnerable boy." Lord Pentland told him the sex crime involved "some degree of planning and preparation" by.
Bradshaw had gone to the boy's home on the day of the crime as he was to help him travel to see a friend. He suggested to the boy's mother he take him for a walk instead, but she insisted he should go on the.
Bradshaw had admitted illegally engaging in sexual activity with the child at his home at Morrison Avenue, Tranent, on July 29. Advocate depute Alison Di Rollo told the court that the first offender had been employed as a learning assistant for 15 years.
Ms Di Rollo said: "He conceded that while within the house he instigated sexual talk with the victim and agreed he had shown a programme about sexual development. He admitted carrying out a sexual assault on the victim." She said Bradshaw conceded that his actions.
His mother immediately contacted the police. Officers later went to Bradshaw's home where he was detained. During an interview, he confirmed he was aware of the schoolboy's learning difficulties. He admitted he had taken the boy to his home against his mother's wishes.
When he returned, Bradshaw told him he would take him back home but made it clear he should not tell his mother what had happened. The youngster did not reveal the abuse to her until the following day.
But after leaving, the learning assistant and the youngster got on a bus and went to Dalkeith before walking six miles to Bradshaw's house in Tranent. Ms Di Rollo said: "Once within the address, the accused prepared the boy lunch before making him view a.